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Health Insurance

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The Best Health Insurance in Moreno Valley, CA

Being human isn’t cheap. We have dental needs like cleanings and medical needs like doctor’s appointments, hospital stays, medications, and emergency visits. Not to mention, some of us require certain eye and ear care that can add even greater strain on finances, like glasses or hearing aids.

With a reliable health insurance plan, however, everyday health-needs don’t risk breaking the bank. Health Insurance is a great resource when helping to pay for health care expenses. As a means of financial relief, health insurance covers some medical costs in the event you are injured or fall ill.

Just like car and home insurance, health insurance consists of a broad range of plans that you can choose from. Work with the experts at the Best Insurance Services and together we’ll find Moreno Valley’s best health insurance policy for you.

How Health Insurance Works

Because health care is required for each and every U.S. citizen, it’s important to understand how health insurance works, so you can choose the best plans for you.

With medical care expenses expected to rise, having the proper health care plan is essential. Considering the average medical expenses cost more than $8,000 per year, per person, covering these costs out-of-pocket is often impossible.

However, when partnering with a health insurance company, you’ll share the cost of medical expenses by each paying a fixed amount every month. This spreads the financial burden over a wider group of people, making it cheaper for every party involved.

At Best Insurance Services in Moreno Valley, our health insurance experts will work along side you to create a policy with the plans that meet all your wants and needs, while keeping your health’s interest in mind.

Types of Health Insurance in Moreno Valley

With health insurance, different plans offer different coverage. The agents at Best Insurance Services will help you balance the fine line between benefits and costs to find you the perfect fit. The three most common health insurance plans are indemnity plans, managed care plans and consumer-driven health plans.

Indemnity plans:

Also known as fee-for-service or reimbursement plan, indemnity plans are a signed contract with an insurance company that requires you to pay medical prices upfront and the company will reimburse you once they process your claim. Though they won’t cover the entire costs, many indemnity plants typically cover a large percentage of the price.

Managed care plans:

Typically used through an employer, managed care plans have prearranged contracts with particular doctors, hospitals and labs that offer members medical care for a lower cost. There are four basic types of plans, including:

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

    When joining an HMO plan, small copays are required at each office visit and you can only use a plan-approved doctor. After choosing your doctor of choice, he or she will control all of your medical needs.

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

    Like HMO, PPO is a managed care system where only network-approved doctors can treat you. Unlike HMO, however, PPO you may see providers outside the network, though the bill will be higher. PPOs require you to pay small copay and satisfy a deductible before any benefits are rewarded.

  • Point of Service (POS)

    POS plans are similar to both HMO and PPO. Like HMO, your primary physician will control your medical needs and can make referrals to other network providers if needed. Similar to PPO, if you see a doctor not listed in the plan, a predetermined amount will be paid toward your bill but the ultimate cost to you will be higher. Though it’s more expensive than an HMO plan, POS will allow you more flexibility when handling your medical needs.

  • Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO)

    An EPO operates similar to a PPO in the fact that you will have a limited number of physicians to choose from. However, an EPOs network of approved doctors is typically much smaller, making the price much cheaper.

  • Consumer-driven health plan (CDHP):

    As one of the newest plans to health insurance, CDHP lets you utilize a health saving account to set aside a certain amount of money that can be used to cover health care costs. Though you are in charge of spending this money as needed, the deductibles are typically higher than other plans.

Find the Best Health Insurance Solution in Moreno Valle

Come to Best Insurance Services in Moreno Valley today and work with the experts to find the most affordable, reliable health insurance options for you. Request a free quote to get started to contact us for more information.

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