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10 “Healthy” Foods that Aren’t Really That Healthy


Americans are suckers for advertising. If it’s slapped on a label, it must be true, right? Better yet, make the label green and look like a leaf and you’re probably even more likely to buy it in the name of better health.

What if I told you that in many cases, you are actually eating unhealthy foods, despite what the label says?

It’s true. Take a look at the following 10 foods that many people have been duped into believing are healthy, but don’t quite fit the bill.

1.     Instant oatmeal

But it’s oatmeal! While oatmeal is a great fiber-rich food, the instant oatmeal packs are full of added sugar and sodium.  Making your own is simple and yields much more oatmeal with much fewer calories. Just choose honey, fruit, or other nutritious toppings instead of sugar.

2.     Dried fruit

Surprisingly, many dried fruit are fried and packed with added sugar. Not to mention taking out the juice renders them substantially smaller, making them easy to overeat. You’re better off sticking to the whole, natural fruit.

3.     Pretzels

Pretzels are just the desktop snack favorite, right? Sorry to say they aren’t as healthy as most people tell themselves as they eat handfuls at a time. Even though they’re brown, they’re made from white flour, salt, yeast, and oil. There’s really not much in them nutrition-wise. A better choice would be some whole-grain crackers or healthy popcorn.

4.     Sports drinks

You don’t really need sugar water with electrolytes after you exercise, and you actually might gain weight over time if you drink sports drinks regularly. Eat something protein-dense and drink lots of water, and you’ll be much better off.

5.     Skim milk

Remember “healthy” doesn’t always mean low-calorie or fat-free. Although skim milk is superior to its counterparts in that regard, it’s also stripped of most of its nutritional value. Although synthetic vitamins are added to try to replace what was lost, the less processed your milk is, the more nutritious.

6.     Fruit juice

Once again, added sugar sneaks its way into a seemingly healthy drink for kids. Fruit in its whole form is much better because of the fiber and nutrients packed into the flesh and skin. But if you must drink your fruit, read your labels closely to avoid added-sugars.

7.     Granola/energy bars

You can probably guess the culprit here. That’s right – sugar. In fact, granola bars often boast a worse nutrition label than candy bars. Instead, find a bar with very few ingredients and less than 20 grams of sugar. 

8.     Couscous

This less-common, exotic-sounding side dish seems healthy – it’s just a tiny little grain, right? Actually no, it’s basically just small pasta, much like our white pasta. Try to go with a whole-wheat option if you can.

9.     Fruit smoothies

The amount of fruit it takes to make a single smoothie would fill you up all day, without the added sugar from yogurt, milk, or whatever else is used to emulsify the concoction. You get way more calories and sugar in the compact, smoothie form of fruit than the whole version.

10.Spinach tortillas and pasta

Don’t be duped by the color. Green “spinach” tortillas and pasta have hardly any actual spinach in them at all. If you want spinach in your wraps or pasta, add it yourself, while choosing whole-grain tortillas and pasta for your base.

Learning how to read labels and avoid the marketing tricks pulled by advertisers can help you make healthier choices. Talking with your doctor about any dietary questions you have can also help to keep your health on track.

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