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3 Ways To Maintain Your Boat


Whether you are new to the boating scene or a veteran on the water, maintaining proper upkeep of your boat is not only an important part of boat ownership, it is also essential in extending the longevity of your vessel’s life. These three easy boat maintenance tips can help:

  1. Wash Your Boat Regularly

One of the most reliable ways you can keep your boat in good shape is by washing it regularly. If you take your boat out in saltwater, it is absolutely vital that you thoroughly wash your boat with freshwater after every outing. Using soaps and cleaners designed specifically for boats helps to maintain the your boat’s finish.

  1. Frequently Change Your Oil

Similar to the oil in your car, the oil in your boat also needs to be changed. Four-stroke outboards, inboards and sterndrives in particular require regular oil changes. Just as car oil needs be changed every 3,000 miles, the rule of thumb for a boat oil change is approximately every 100 hours of operation, or at least once a year.

Contrary to popular belief, changing the oil in your boat is easy:

Step 1: If your boat is in the water, start the engine to warm it up. If your boat is not in the water, you’ll need to put cooling water into the water intake at the gearcase. This can be done by placing “ear-muffs” over the water intakes.

Step 2: Let your engine run or keep the ear-muffs on the for five minutes. After, remove the dipstick.

Step 3: Insert an oil extractor suction tube into the dipstick tube until it stops and pump out all of the old oil.

Step 4: Remove the oil filter with a wrench and use a rag to prevent making a mess. Screw on the new filter after rub oil on the sealing gasket to ensure a secure connection.

Step 5: Replace the dipstick and fill the oil port with new oil.

  1. Check The Propeller

Ensuring that your propeller is in proper working order is another necessary task in boat maintenance, especially if you have an outboard or sterndrive. Multiple times throughout the boating season, you should remove your propeller to make sure that no fishing line or other debris is caught in the saft. If you do find fishing line, have your dealer or a boating maintenance professional check the gear shaft for leaks.


Its advisable to also use this time that the propeller is off to inspect it for faults such as nicks, dents, and other damages. Even the smallest defect can cause your boat to burn extra fuel and affect its overall performance. Lastly, be sure to apply a generous amount of waterproof grease on the propeller shaft to prevent corrosion and keep it running smoothly. After your propeller check is complete, reassemble the hardware and ensure that all nuts and bolts are secure.

Protect Your Vessel with Boat Insurance

Even with regular maintenance and care, some potential issues with your boat are entirely out of your control. That’s why it’s important to have reliable boat insurance. With boat insurance in the Moreno Valley from Best Insurance Services, you can rest assured your investment is protected with the best coverage possible.

Contact  us today and talk with one of our friendly agents about how we can best cover you.