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Home Safety with Creative Key Hiders

Did you know that over 2,000,000 home burglaries are reported every year in the United States? And 66 percent of these burglaries involve residential break-ins, with nearly 30 percent of these burglaries occurring as a result of an open or unlocked door or window.

These startling statistics might make you think twice about keeping a hide-a-key around your home. However, by considering these 5 creative key hiders you’ll be confident when leaving, knowing your home is secure while you’re away.
1. Thermometer Key
This real, working thermometer provides enough space for two keys and also displays an accurate temperature reading. This acts as a safe alternative for hiding your key under a doormat.

2. Yard Sprinkler
Made out of an actual, waterproof sprinkler, this key hider flies under the radar of burglars by mimicking an exact sprinkler system. You’ll never lock yourself out of your home or car again.
3. Velcro Options
By wrapping the head of your key in the rough side of Velcro, you can attach your key anywhere. Consider applying the soft side of the Velcro in places like:
• The underside of the top surface of a rain gutter
• The underside of the AC unit
• Under the siding of your home
4. Use Your Dog
This idea is great for dog owners: affix a small pouch to your dog’s collar and store your spare key in there. You could also attach the key ring to his ID collar, but this is a more obvious solution. Burglars tend to avoid dogs and your pooch can now provide protective services!
5. Jumbo Key Holder
Hold up to six keys in this heavy-duty, magnetic key hider. The plastic won’t rust, the powerful magnets can be reliably attached to any metal surface and the black, boxy build gives it a camouflaged appearance.

To learn more about ways you can keep your home secure and to find more information on protective homeowners insurance, visit Best Insurance Services, today.


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