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10 Pros and Cons of Living in an HOA

Moving to a home in a homeowners association? Read these 10 pros and cons before signing the dotted line and let Best Insurance Services help today! 


Homeowners association: an organization that some people love to hate and others hate to love. While some homebuyers enjoy abiding by rules and regulations, other homeowners despise paying monthly, quarterly and annual fees for management and maintenance they could do independently.


So before you sign the dotted line and move into a home within a homeowners association, read these 10 pros and cons to see if it’s the right fit for you.

PRO: Well-maintained community

HOA homes must abide by the community standards for outward appearance. This includes a well-kept lawn, a reasonably painted exterior, a set amount of cars in the driveway and more. These laws are in place to maintain a clean, composed environment.

CON: Dictated landscaping

Though the HOA mows your lawn and trims your hedges, they often go as far as to tell you what you can and cannot plant in your garden. That’s right. The HOA can dictate what time of day to water your lawn, what flowers to plant and when your landscape needs an update. These tasks usually must be done within a set time period.

PRO: Minimum personal maintenance work

When living in an HOA you can forget about having to shovel snow, remove trash and mow the lawn – the association takes care of all this for you. Not only will your individual property require less work but the HOA typically maintains common areas as well.

CON: You can be evicted or foreclosed

If you’re unable to make back payments on late fees, legal fees and more, the HOA has the ability to issue foreclosure notices or eviction notices.

PRO: Activities abound

Typically HOAs have an array of activities for residents to use, like swimming pools, tennis courts, recreation centers, walking trails and more. Because these areas are restricted to residents only, they tend to always be attractive and well maintained.

CON: Dues can be raised without notice

HOAs can raise monthly or annual dues without notice, at any time for reasons like assessments, lawsuits, cost of living or even because other homeowners aren’t paying their dues.

PRO: Nixed neighborhood issues

Because HOAs often partner with municipal code compliance departments, rules and regulations are often more black-and-white, which helps to ensure everyone adheres to the same guidelines.

CON: Rent restrictions

If you’re interested in renting out your home, you must get permission from the HOA board. Some associations strictly prohibit renting, while others may approach the topic on a case-by-case basis.

PRO: Association management

With the assistance of the association, dealing with neighborhood issues can be much easier. Say a neighbor’s dog is barking or they have a loud party – rather than causing an issue with your neighbor, your HOA can handle the situation directly.

CON: Frustrating fees

Living in a homeowners association requires annual fees and dues for the upkeep and maintenance of the land. These taxes and fees, however, are NOT tax deductible.


To learn more about homeowners associations and how to properly insure your next home, visit Best Insurance Services, today.