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RV Insurance and Safety

Taking a road trip in your RV sounds like a dream – until something goes wrong. Prevent any hiccups in your trip by preparing ahead of time with the proper protection: RV insurance. Here are some reasons for investing in RV insurance along with a few tips on staying safe.

Why RV Owners Need Insurance

RV drivers aren’t particularly known for driving on the dangerous side, but there is always danger involved when driving a larger vehicle. In the event of collision or accident, you may find yourself wishing you had insurance coverage to avoid any expensive charges. Liability coverage is the most common plan RV drivers avail of because it provides payment for bodily injury or property damage, medical payments, uninsured coverage, and more.

Additional Coverage

Personal effect coverage and roadside assistance are also available for purchase. Personal effect coverage replaces the cost of damaged or lost items within the RV. Roadside assistance is there for you if your RV ever breaks down and needs to be towed. Some plans even allow you to upgrade for lodging, transportation, and meal coverage.

Top RV Safety Tips

When we’re on vacation, it’s easy to forget that your RV isn’t your home. Consequently, you may accidentally plug in more devices than your RV has the energy for. Be aware of how many amps your RV is wired for. Label each of your appliances with the amount of amps they use in order to prevent any mishaps.

Another tip to remember while driving an RV is to correctly distribute weight. Particularly, be careful with how much water and fuel you can carry. Use roadside stations to weigh your RV and remain within the legal limits.

Contact your Best Insurance Services agent to find the best RV insurance coverage for you!

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