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How to Make Your Next RV Excursion an Adventure

The air is cool and crisp, and you are about to start off on your next big RV adventure! But how will you make your trip the best adventure you’ve had so far?

That is where we can help! Making your RV trip an adventure will be a piece of cake with these great tips, and if you follow them closely, you and your family will be having the adventure of a life time in no time!

Make It an Exploration

Every RV trip, whether you are traveling close or far away, should always be a new and exciting experience.  It is your job to set out on a great exploration, working together with your crew to make discoveries and travel to new heights!

Your exploration would be incomplete without a great locale to investigate, and some of the best in California include:

  • Malibu Beach RV Park.  Staying at this park comes with a great opportunity to explore the Santa Monica Mountains, and maybe even catch a glimpse of an elusive sea creature, the dolphin.
  • Chula RV Resort and Marina.  Located in the San Diego Bay, this resort gives you the opportunity to explore the wilds of the sea and the intricacies of human society!
  • Lake Isabella RV Resort.  If you aren’t feeling like a visit to the ocean, and you still want to see beautiful clear waters, this may be the place for you.  Located in the Sequoia National Forest, Lake Isabella and the surrounding forest are perfect for exploration. 

Whether you are visiting an area for the hundredth time or the first, you can still make your trip an adventure.  Simply turn up your curiosity and get ready for an amazing experience.

Don’t Wait Until You Arrive to Start Having Fun!

Before you arrive at your new exploration grounds, there are still great ways to get the adventure started.  Here are a few good RV Games to try out as you drive towards your next expedition!

  • A Scavenger Hunt. Although most scavenger hunts require a lot of moving, this RV version can be done from the comfort of your vehicle’s seats.  Start out with a list of exciting road trip finds, and put each explorer on the look out.  The Items can be in the RV or out the window, each player just needs to take a picture to get in on the action!
  • Bury Your Horses.  This game is another search-and-find game where every RV traveler looks for horses and cemeteries on the road.  When you find a horse call it out, and each player keeps a count of the horses they have found.  When someone sees a graveyard, they yell out “bury your horses!” and everyone else has to start back at zero.

How ever you plan your RV trip, be sure to make it a true adventure by investing your time and curiosity.  You can have a fun and safe trip, so start planning today and contact Best Insurance Services for great safety tips!


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