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Top 3 Causes of Car Accidents

Every day, old and new drivers get behind the wheel and somehow cause an accident. Every year, 10 million people are involved in these accidents, and it is the highest cause of death for teenagers in America.

Here are the top three reasons why car accidents are created.

Distracted Driving

Everyone thinks they can multi-task, but the truth is that it’s harder than it sounds. Whether you’re trying to eat, change the music, or take a selfie, wait until you’re parked or at least at a red light. If you’re foot is on the gas pedal, you shouldn’t be worried about anything else except what’s happening on the road.


The second highest cause of accidents is speeding. There’s a reason we have speed limits, so stick to them. If it’s raining, go slower, and if you’re carrying heavy loads, go slower. If you want to pass slower vehicles, move to the left lane – but don’t speed excessively.

Drunk Driving

Many people think this is the leading cause of car accidents, but it comes in strong at number three. Distracted driving and speeding should not be overlooked. All three of these actions are irresponsible and completely preventable.

Don’t drink alcohol before getting behind a wheel. Always have a designated driver. In one year alone there were 13,000 deaths in America caused by drunk driving.

These are just a few of the reasons people get into accidents. If you stay alert while driving, many accidents will be preventable.

Stay tuned for our next post on ways to prevent these top three causes of car accidents.


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