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The Strangest Insurance Policies You'll Ever Come Across

Making the decision to invest in insurance is often an easy one, especially when it comes to things as important as your home, family, car, and many more things. However, there are also policies offered by insurance companies that we would never guess existed, much less invest in. Here are some of the strangest policies you will ever come across.

Tongue Insurance

Prominent tasters of wine or coffee have been known to insure their tongue and taste buds for up to $14 million.

Mustache Insurance

Facial hair can be a large part of someone’s identity, and especially a famous person’s image. Australian cricket player Merv Hughes has his mustache insured for $37,000.

Alien Abduction

The truth is out there – and many want some recompense for it. There are policies that are willing to pay you in the event that you are abducted, and they have actually paid out for two “victims.” The policy ensure they are given $1 per year until their death (or for a million years, whichever comes first).

Voice Insurance

Losing your ability to sing would be devastating, especially if it’s how you made your living. Several famous singers, like Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, and Bob Dylan, have taken out policies for voice insurance and are promised a lump sum if they lose their ability to sing.

Hair Insurance

Men prone to balding would love this policy – some celebrities whose luscious locks made them famous have their hair insured for up to $1 million.

Although these policies may be beneficial for some, they are definitely a rarity. Visit Best Insurance Services today to find policies you could really use. 


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