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Is Boat Insurance Right for You?

When summer hits, everyone wishes they had a boat. If you are one of the lucky ones that is able to hit the water in style, summer can be a great time of year! Water skiing, wakeboarding, and just sitting back feeling the spray as the water crashes against the port side of the boat are all great reasons to get out. While you may enjoy boating, you should understand some of the risks associated with it.


This is probably one of the biggest risks that boaters take on as they pull a skier, wake boarder, or even a tube behind them with people in it. You never know what could happen to them as you speed along. Accidents can happen in a split second and then next moment you can be in the hospital with a seriously injured skier.

Fuel spills

A leak or fuel spill can not only leave you stranded, but can also leave you paying out the nose as the law requires you to clean it up.

Personal losses

What happens when you speed through a turn and your friend losses his expensive new Iphone? Maybe someone accidentally wears some jewelry while they are skiing and lose it along the way. This can be an expensive loss.


If you haven’t been stranded before, then you haven’t been boating for long. It happens when you least expect it and getting gas delivered or having your boat towed can be an expensive process unless you have a friend that can bail you out.

All of these situations are pretty common with boating, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop going. Getting the right boat insurance can really help you when the accidents and the unexpected events happen. The right boat insurance can cover any of the above listed events and keep you enjoying the spray of the waves on your cheek!

photo credit: kevin dooley via photopin cc


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