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Your Family Emergency Plan

Sometimes the idea of unexpected disaster can feel pretty overwhelming and scary, but with a little preparation, you can turn these fearful feelings into feelings of security and excitement.  As you and your family begin to prepare for the unexpected, you will begin to see the benefits your new security will have in your everyday life.

From job loss to a burst pipe or even to a small earthquake, preparation can help you turn a potentially scary situation into a manageable adventure, so follow these quick tips and put your security in your own hands!

72 Hour Kits

Creating a 72 hour kit for each member of your family is a great first step towards a successful emergency plan.  These kits should contain enough food, water, and other essentials for each family member. 

You’ll want a portable kit for each family member, and if you have small children, it is a good idea to make their pack small enough for them to carry themselves.  IT is also a good idea to make their pack cute and familiar so you can minimize fear in case of emergency.

Food Storage

Once you have 72 hour kits, you should start investing in food storage.  Make sure that your food storage items are all things that your family likes to eat.  This will make a time of emergency much more comfortable for you and your family.

Also remember to rotate your food storage frequently so you aren’t stuck with expired food! Make it an adventure by coming up with fun recipes for your food storage foods!

Evacuation Plan

Also make sure to have a plan for evacuation in an emergency.  Decide as your family a good place to meet, come up with an easily accessible location for your kits, and remind your children that with preparation, an emergency doesn’t need to be frightening.