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Reasons to Weep on Valentine’s Day

You’re single. No dates. No flowers. No expensive night out. Time to weep? Nah! Singleness is not a reason to release the tear-duct-floodgates. In fact, the freedom of being single on Valentine’s Day can generate a whole lot more fun most people think. While we can, in all brotherly-kindness, rejoice for those couples that truly love each other, we should mourn for those awkward in-between couples. They don’t have love or freedom – so weep for them.

Awkward Dates

Being a new couple or a random date on Valentine’s Day can be awkward beyond belief. Do you get your date a gift? How much should you spend? Will they read into that gift? It is Valentine’s Day, after all. And, gosh, what happens after dinner?
Awkward, awkward, awkward. Be grateful that you are single and free and have this time to go out with your single friends, share bucket-loads of platonic love, and enjoy an evening free of mind-games and gut-wrenching stress. So, weep for those poor people on awkward dates, not yourself.


People who have dates on Valentine’s Day also have the misfortune of having to purchase gifts on or before the big day. That means sky-high prices. Those poor people drop hundreds of dollars on one (possibly awkward) evening. Think of all their hard-earned money flushing down the drain just to show their date that they care. While giving a Valentine’s gift is a beautiful gesture, its fiscal price is lamentful.

You, on the other hand, get to buy all that day-after V-Day chocolate at half price! The same chocolate heaven for a great deal. So think of those people who have to pay top price and weep for them, not you. Truly, you’ve got it good.

Any other reasons you love being single on V-Day? Share with us below!


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