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Keeping Your Kids Safe: Tips and Tricks for Car Seat Safety

When it comes to keeping your kids safe, there is nothing you wouldn’t do, but sometimes the little things are forgotten. Remember the little things will help your children to be safer and happier in the car, and we are here to help. Here are a few of the often forgotten things that can help kids be safe in their car seats!

1. Remember that regulations regarding car seats change fairly regularly, so make sure that your car seats are still up to standard, so you can keep your kids safe in your car well into the future.

2. Remember that heavy coats can prevent car seats from being buckled tightly enough. In the winter months, remove your child’s winter coat before buckling their car seat so that they will get maximum safety from their seat! You can always add blankets once they are buckled!

3. Keep in mind that the rules regarding harnesses are made for a reason, children under about six years old often move to much for their own safety when they aren’t harnessed in. So even though the age restrictions sometimes feel, well, restrictive, they will help your kids be safe in your car!

Keeping your kids safe is a top priority, and knowing proper car seat safety will help them stay safe and happy on your car trips. Teach your kids to put safety first, and they will help remind you to buckle up and drive safely!


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