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Aug 03, 2015

When looking for an old clunker or a new whip, car insurance is often the last thing to be considered. These 5 cars are the cheapest to insure.

Just last year, more than 16.3 million cars were sold in the United States with drivers paying an average of $8,876 per year to own. And though a new study released by AAA reported that owning a car in 2015 is actually cheaper than in years past, dishing out thousands in car insurance can be a burden to car buyers on a budget.

While owners of older cars pay an average of $900 per year in insurance premiums, new car owners are looking at costs into the thousands of dollars. Thankfully, these five 2015 vehicles offer safety and security without the overbearing price tag of expensive car insurance.
Jeep Wrangler Sport

Jeep had the money-concious consumer in mind when designing the Wrangler Sport. As the cheapest SUV to insure at $1,134 per year, the stripped-down Wrangler Sport is also sold at a reasonable price and is an easy vehicle to repair.
Jeep Patriot Sport

At just $1,136 per year, the Jeep Patriot Sport is the second cheapest SUV to insure. Though it’s not ideal for extreme off-roading, the Jeep Patriot sport offers easy access exploration to off-the-beaten path destinations.
Honda CR-V LX

With an average yearly insurance rate of $1,160, the Honda CR-V LX is one of the most reliable, sensible vehicles on the market in 2015. Complete with a 4 star NHTSA crash safety rating and other high safety ratings, the CR-V is known for it’s low monthly insurance premiums.
2015 Dodge Grand Caravan

Popular with mature drivers, the Dodge Grand Caravan is the most inexpensive minivan to insure. With coverage costing $1,162 per year, the Grand Caravan’s high safety ratings and popularity with responsible drivers make insurance premiums fairly affordable.
Honda Odyssey LX

This family-friendly car speaks to safe, mature drivers. With excellent safety ratings and responsible owners, the Honda Odyssey costs $1,163 per year to insure with cheap monthly premiums.

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