Earthquakes: Being Prepared

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Sep 24, 2014

Earthquakes can be terrifying and overwhelming events, and being prepared can make a huge difference in how an earthquake will affect your life.  Insurance is a great resource to protect your home in the event of an earthquake, but there are other things you can do to prepare at home.

Analyze Your Risk

Not every home is at high risk for an earthquake, so understanding your personal risk can help keep you safe when an earthquake occurs.  No house is completely earthquake proof, but there are some homes that are at particularly high risk:

  • Mobile Homes.  Homes that aren’t attached to their foundations are at high risk in an earthquake.
  • Homes on Unstable Ground.  Homes that are built on loose soil or a landfill are at extremely high risk in an earthquake.

Understanding your home and your local risk for earthquake can help you in your preparations.

Getting Prepared

There are many things you should do to ensure your home is prepared for earthquakes, and though some of them may require time and energy they will save you bigger trouble in the long run.

It is important to attach all of your shelves securely to your walls, and when you are placing items on shelves, make sure the heaviest items are on the bottom shelves.  Fragile items can also be dangerous when they fall, so consider stacking your breakables on the bottom shelves.

Another important part of preparation is to practice appropriate behaviors for an earthquake.  Teach your family to hide under sturdy furniture and to protect their heads.  You should also consider holding drills every couple months so your family will know what to do if an earthquake hits.

Being prepared for earthquakes is important, and insurance can protect your family and home.  Call Best Insurance Services for more information!

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