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May 20, 2014

It seems that now more than ever, homeowners and families across the nation are adopting the attitude of the do-it-yourselfer.  With people taking on more and more home projects by themselves, many have found that tackling a job on their own has helped them to save money, learn more, and spend quality and productive time with their family.

But with all of the blatant benefits of DIY at home, there are a few unfortunate homeowners that have learned the hard way to avoid the DIY jobs that are too large, too complicated, or require professional skills.  One prime example of a DIY project turned disastrous occurred in Fishers, Indiana, when a couple decided to move their stereo cabinet.

As simple as it may sound, when the couple went to anchor their cabinet to the wall they mistook a copper pipe for a wooden stud inside the drywall.  The resulting puncture in the plumbing of the home resulted in a flooded living room and hundreds of dollars of in damage.


While the horror stories of DIYers are limited in number, the lessons learned are real.  Those who endeavor to undertake their own projects at home should do so with caution.  A few points that every homeowner or family undertaking a DIY home project should remember include:

  • Research the project thoroughly beforehand
    • Understand what skills will be required for the completion of the project
    • Ensure all requisite tools are obtained and their uses understood
    • Take appropriate safety precautions
      • Use standard safety gear including safety goggles, gloves, and hearing protection when needed
      • Never use a power tool that you are unfamiliar or without sufficient training
      • Consult the blueprints of the home before any projects that deal with home alteration
      • Talk with a professional about the project to receive tips and precautions pertaining to the specific job

With these few points at the forefront, a homeowner or family will be able to safely and efficiently take on the DIY projects in their home that are equal to their skill level and expertise. 

photo credit: francisco.j.gonzalez via photopin cc

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