Mar 06, 2014

Food storage may seem like a “dorky” thing to do, but really – being caught without any food or water during a natural disaster goes so beyond “dorky” you don’t even want to go there.  Food storage is not just for survivalists or doomsday prepers.  It is for everyone!

Getting Started

Building up, say, a year’s worth of food storage can be an overwhelming project.  Especially if you are young and poor, maintaining a proper food storage can be tough.  But if taken step by step, it is totally doable!

Each time you go shopping stock up on a few extra cans of tuna here and a few extra packages of pasta there.  Eventually you’ll be able to build up a nice little food storage of foods that you actually like. 

Picking Food

Of course, not all food is storage-worthy.  Fresh foods and frozen foods won’t keep long without electricity (which could easily be gone during a natural disaster).  Instead, pack up on canned and dried foods. 

Do some research and see what kinds of food last longest, when you should rotate your stores, and how much nutrition each of those cans, bags, or boxes contains. 

Depending on how long you need to survive on your emergency supply, it is important to make sure you get all the nutrition you need.   For example, storage containing only tuna, crackers, and pasta noodles will not get you everything you need.  Besides, after a week of eating only tuna, crackers, and pasta, you’ll never ever want to eat them again. 

Stock up on a mix of grains, fruits, veggies, protein, sugars, dried dairy, and oils.  And don’t forget water and fuel!  How are you going to eat if you can’t cook? 

Start working on your food storage today, and be prepared for anything that could happen!

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