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Feb 03, 2014

Staying safe on the roads is always a priority when we jump in our cars each morning, but there are so many things we have to keep in mind. From watching out for other drivers and pedestrians, to listening for sirens, the last thing we need to hear is something clunking in our car. But, if we do hear a clunky car, it is a good idea to get it checked out. Here are a few common noises your car may make, and the problems they may clue you in to.

1. Thumping at low speeds—this may mean that your tires have a flat spot, this problem though initially minor can lead to bigger problems if you continue driving on it. To fix a flat spot tire, you should have your tires replaced, perhaps with a steel belted version.

2. Grumbling at idle—this could mean that your water pump bearings are failing. Though this may seem like a small issue, it can lead to big problems if they fail completely. Replace your water bearings and you should be in good shape for your time on the road!

3. Clunking when parking or going over small bumps—this clunking sound can indicate that your ball joint is no longer lubricated, so the joint and connection are wearing out. You should make an appointment to get this fixed and try to avoid bumpy roads until you get the ball joint replaced.

Keeping your car in top condition is an important priority, so pay attention to the sounds it makes and keep on top of your car troubles!

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